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     How can art help others to heal and escape from stressful environments? We live in a corrupt and fallen world of war, violence, trafficking, poverty, and despair.  I have always found it easier to avoid problems and escape into my own world, a dream-like world without chaos. I acknowledge that I cannot solve my problems by running away from them but everyone needs to take a break once in awhile, just like it is important for a person to rest and to be able wake-up feeling refreshed.

     I placed my illustrations in sequential order to represent the stages from chaos to cosmos in a spiritual journey. These five panels illustrate a girl wrapping herself in fabric as a caterpillar wraps itself into a cocoon. Similarly, we sometimes shelter ourselves, rest, and enter a dream-like world. We rest only temporarily when we escape from reality, yet as Christians, we have to remember that one day we will be able to gain an eternal rest in heaven and fly into a world without problems. With this in mind, I have illustrated chaos and stress in the first panel. The second panel starts the girl on her journey down the stairs into the dreamworld. The swirls represent deep sleep, symbolizing her escape from reality. The fifth panel shows her rejuvenation as an evolved butterfly after rest, flying into the harsh world once again.

     For my Chimerical Escape series I painted ink with brushes much like I do when I use watercolor paints. When I work with inks, however, I spray water on them, making them bleed as only inks can. When I do this, the dyes separate and break into multiple colors to create depth and texture. I maximize the visual qualities of this medium to help the viewer find a place of escape and eventual healing.
     I have lived most of my life in Japan.  The subtle, simplistic, and art deco aspects of Japanese culture influence my work, as well as Alphonse Mucha’s Art Nouveau style. Like Norman Rockwell I illustrate an ideal world that I wish to live in. I enjoy creating dream-like worlds that evoke more questions than they answer. I want the viewers to interpret my work and create a personal connection to their lives.

This is for my senior exhibition show, called, “Chimerical Escape,” that will take place on April 8 at Indiana Wesleyan University. My art will be displayed in the Indiana Wesleyan University library above the periodical section.

When I am finished there will be 5 ink illustrations in total. This is only showing the first three panels that I have done. These panels are 2, 3, and 4. When it is complete, there will be a panel before and after these three to complete the set. The winter scene is the center piece of it all.

Chimerical Escape

Chimerical Escape

a diversion from reality into a world of fantasy

We live in a fallen world of war, violence, trafficking, poverty, and despair. The news is filled with depressing images on a daily basis concerning the civil war in Syria and escalation of violence in the Middle East since the Arab Spring to the growing national debt from countries of Japan, U.S. and Greece. Americans wrestle with the issue of gun control law in light of the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that recently left twenty children and six teachers dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

 In response to the chaos around us, my fantastical art is an escape from reality. It is childlike in its innocence, but also draws the viewer in to a fantasy world in which anything is possible within the fanciful illusions that I create. My imaginary world of fantasy allows the viewer to forget for a moment the horrors of reality and just rest in the comfort and hope that anything is possible if you just believe.

Waterfall fantasy

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